Indomethacin Reviews

Indomethacin Reviews

James Horst (CILCENNIN, UK)

"I was given this for pleurisy and got relief from the pain every time I took a breath after about 12 hours. Saved my holiday celebration! I also noticed an almost immediate relief of some severe sciatica pain I had been experiencing for over a week now. The side-effect list is scary but I'll continue the treatment until the pills are gone. I'm liking it just fine for now."

Bailey Jackson (GIMINGHAM, UK)

"I take 50 milligrams of indomethacin with a caffeine tab at first sign of migraine and call it quits until relief kicks in in about 1 1/2 hours. Slower than Imitrex but much cheaper and not limited by insurance. My headaches have signs of autonomic nervous system dysfunction, common to indomethacin sensitive headaches so my neuro suggested a trial dose taken daily along with Topamax for a preventative. When I took indomethacin daily I got mentally weird and even paranoid and anxious which was totally not me so I quit daily use and only take it with individual headaches."

Jason Briggs (Houston, TX, USA)

"If your stomach can tolerate this it is great for arthritis. I have taken for over 20 years. Everytime I try anything else I end up in pain."

Teri Gregory (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Have had severe inflamation of my ankle, with constant mild pain and a few bouts of very profound pain. Medication appeared to help (decrease swelling and pain) after about 3-4 days of use.

Coleen Clark (Enid, OK, USA)

After discovering alergic reactions to other meds for gout, this was like a miracle drug for the Gout. Taken "as needed", a two month prescription lasted over five months and no "listed" side effects. It definately goes right to the source and almost instant pain relief.

Howard Perry(Wymore, NE, USA)

I tried aproximately 15 non-steroidal anti-inflamatory meds over several years and this was the only one that has been great for my pain and I have not had any side effects.

Priscilla Doyon (Kansas City, MO, USA)

I'm 47 yrs old and this is my first bout with gout. At first I thought I was having a Charley Horse in my foot until I realized it wouldn't go and I couldn't walk. The listed side effects had me scared to take this med. However it worked in just a few hours and I have noticed weight loss since taking it.

Mohammad Pugh (SKERRAY, UK)

I've taken Indometacin for over 3 years as needed for gout and gouty aches and pains, usually one or two a day when the symptoms start, up to 3 if severe. Works fast and effectively. I've not had any side effects.

Brandon Sanderson (LINWOOD, UK)

Works rather quickly for gout. Pain while walking started reducing within about 8 hours of 1st dose. (75mg)